Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rinjani to erupt

I live in beautiful Lombok island, and as we know all, Mount Rinjani, the only mountain in Lombok, is the 2nd highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia, and recently shows some symptoms of erupting, in this case, the bad boy is not the rinjani itself, but her son, whose name, mount Barujari. mount barujari itself is located perfectly on the segara anak lake, just like a baby in arms of his mother, in normal situation, barujari add the beauty of his mother (Rinjani), the scenerey from plawangan sembalun (the last point before do summit attack) is quite asthonishing, the segara anak lake combined with barujari is the memorable scenery for everyone who have witness their beauty. but for now, the bad boy is getting mad, since the last time erupt at 2004, it's quite a long time for him to show his activity again. and what make this eruption unique is the way it's erupt not from the "main" way, but from the flank that so far i saw as an ornament that add the handsomeness of this boy, but, i never imagine that it's a truly hole that is can be used to sphew debris, dust, lava, or smoke.

in the clear morning view, from mataram, we can see it's smoke blowing up to the sky, but, for now, the label for this activity still not high alert but just low activity, lets hope there's nothing bad gonna be happen in this beautiful island.

and now i know, that barujari is kinda tempramental boy, wow.. better off not making trouble to him before it's become too late.. :)
ps : too bad, there's still newpaper or webpage tell the news of this story recently, so i just can convey to you what i see, what i hear directly.

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